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2021-04-11: Let’s Talk About Thoughts That Make You Uneasy Hello Friend, The last month was pretty exhausting for me. 2021-04-11: I have been reading many books from Christie recently. 2021-04-12: I had a productive writing and reading Sunday this week. More notes on writing web scrapers – The months since then have produced a ton more work, and a ton more learning about web scraping. 2020-07-11: Don’t Let Micro-Stresses Burn You Out The problem is that most of us have come to accept micro-stresses as just a normal part of a day. You come across a song or an album, and a flood of … 2021-05-03: Yahoo, the destroyer → After almost 30 years in business, Yahoo has come to be known as a … 2021-04-30: Another dimension in games → Ever notice the view is wrong in all first person games that exist … It’s an opportunity for me to get some focused time … Another thing I try to do is get feedback, which is unreliable and also intractable in the general case since the speed of getting feedback is so much slower than the speed of thought that slowing down general thought to the speed of feedback would result in having relatively few thoughts4. I haven’t been getting enough … But it did criticize Maciej Ceglowski’s piece where he accused singularitarians of not caring enough about the poor. 2021-04-25: On A Healthful Train of Thought Hello Friend, I hope you are in a healthy state of mind and body; the endless whirlpool of tragic … 2021-04-27: I am surprised that the bike sharing projects are failing. When the reasons are the same, it seems that they must be correct by coincidence since they don’t seem to understand the body of knowledge necessary to reason through the engineering tradeoffs2. 2021 edition It was exactly a year ago that I had posted my thoughts on a few key questions. ”. Personally, one of the things that overwhelms me as a new developer, coming from a different career, and only having been exposed to table layouts before, is the “here’s a brand new way to do this one thing”™ that happens every few days. As we saw in the previous section, the Panopticon is a representation of power in its ideal form, increasing the number of people who can be monitored, recorded, and controlled, while at the same time decreasing the number of people needed to operate it (Foucault, 1977). Digital technology has taken this concept to astounding new levels. If you have virtually any inquiries relating to where and also tips on how to use این صفحه, you are able to e-mail us on our own web page.

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